Twitter – An Explanation of What It Is All About…

(Previously posted as a Note on my Facebook Profile)

Disclaimer: I am in no way attempting to convince anyone to like Twitter or to want to do it. The reason that I am putting this note together is that I think that “we as a people” are sometimes quick to dismiss things that “other people” take full advantage of. It is possible that better information can help “us” excel the way “others” do. I fully understand that Twitter is not for everybody, but for those who don’t understand it – I’m sharing a perspective.

Let me state a major difference between Facebook and Twitter. Facebook is a great application for keeping in touch with friends, long-lost associates and receiving info, pictures and other information about people you already know. If you have no desire to network with a number of people you never met, then there is no reason to get a Twitter account. Twitter is a micro-blogging “social network” meant to exchange information, entertainment or status/thought information with people outside of your immediate circle – that’s it – however, there are some great advantages of being able to do that.

If you are looking to network with people you don’t know as opposed to primarily communicating with people you do know then Twitter is a great tool. I am not saying that networking is not possible on Facebook, it is however facilitated in a different manner.

Fact: If you find that you are constantly looking at your friend requests to see where you know someone from before you accept the friend add, then you possibly would not like Twitter.

The best analogy that I can give is that Facebook for me is like working in an office – everything has to be “politically correct”. Twitter is like hanging with good friends where pretty much anything goes and it’s a relaxed, fun environment for getting and receiving “infotainment.” As my friend-base on Facebook expands I find that I can’t say whatever is on mind because people are either not receptive, judgmental or easily offended. With Twitter, there are very few limits – its like hanging with great friends – you can “let your hair down” so-to-speak. One of my tweets this weekend said “Note to self – ironing with no underwear on is not a good idea – steam is the enemy, that was a close call…” I would never put that in my status update due to some of the “P.C. dynamics” in my FB network. It was quite a fun topic over on Twitter though…

Fact: The Twitter website and interface are HORRIBLE!! For a much better and more enjoyable Twitter experience download – it only takes 5-10 minutes and revolutionizes the tool.

I want to keep this note as short as possible, so I will end by bulleting a few advantages of Twitter:

● On Facebook most people use their “government name” which can limit your communication (if you’re a school teacher you might not want to say “I’ve got a killer hangover” on a FB status update.) With Twitter you can comfortably communicate using an alias if you so choose.

● On Facebook if you comment on a friend’s status you will receive notifications from everyone in that person’s network if they respond to that same status after you. On Twitter if you respond to a friend’s “tweet” you will only see their response or the response of other’s you follow – not the responses of their entire network.

● To expand on the above point – if you are in a back and forth chat with a friend, the only people who see the communication in their account are you and that person and any mutual friends the two of you have. That communication does not go to your entire network if you are replying directly to them.

● On Twitter, entries are limited to 140 characters, it is designed for short bursts of information.

● On Twitter, you are encouraged to share your personality and sense of humor and expertise – many times you will find people from across the country or world that you have a lot in common with and actually can assist you in some way or become an excellent future connection/resource.

I could go much further, because there are many more positive points, but for those who have questions I’m willing to give additional info because Twitter for me has been an incredible experience. I didn’t like it at first, but it was more because I didn’t understand how to use it. Twitter is meant to be interactive and a free-form expression of how you feel about ANYTHING going on with you. I have received tons of laughs, great information from people I didn’t know and I’ve met some incredible outside of those I already know.

It is not like Facebook, totally different, used for different reasons, but people are expanding their sphere of influence, their business and personal network and having fun while doing it.

I will create a document for people who want to know tips and ways to make Twitter fun and informative. If you want the info send me a private message and I’ll be more than happy to send it.

Feel free to connect with me there Much love and hope this helps someone…VA


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