Well, as some of you know and others may not, I’ve been building a website with the help of a brilliant designer Brian Valentine since last fall. Well the day is here and the site is ready to launch. I wanted to share the site with you because in one way or another, whether it’s thru time, music or my blogs – you helped this day come.
Check out new features and share your thoughts with me as well. Thanks for your support and I halted the blogs so we could get the structure set and now it’s time to roll with the blogs too!! Here ya go and thanks for the love and support!! VA

New features include:

>> New name, new look, new DJ Vince Adams web experience!!
>> 2 New mixes for free download!! 4 free downloadable mixes in all!!
>> 10 streaming mixes on the website!!
>> Purchase all of the Classic Chicago House CD’s and now they are available for MP3 download!!
>> New photo gallery updated!!
>> DJ VA video library!!
>> Subscribe to the site for immediate notification of information and blog posts!!
>> Full event schedule!!
>> Direct access to all of the DJ Vince Adams blogs from the website!!


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