About DJ Vince Adams

I’m a businessman first – DJ second. I started out DJing in 1984 and things started to blow after DJing in college (Florida A&M University.) Graduated and hit the Chicago scene big DJing for my man Teddy Gilmore and ClubNet. Now more than 10 years in the club scene and national circuit I’ve done national TV (BET), national radio (XM Radio, The Doug Banks Show), national parties (SuperBowl, MLB, NBA, NFL Parties) and definitely made a mark in Chicago. From this spot – the best is yet to come. Although I DJ mainstream music (hip hop, R&B, reggae, reggaeton, dance music, etc.), my music interest spans the spectrum of soul. Definitely I can be found listening to Neo Soul, Acid Jazz, Jazz, Old School Soul and Underground House in my spare time.  In addition I’m an avid reader.

Although I live in the public, I spend much of my time far away from the public eye.  Now, I am use some of that time away from it all to share my thoughts here…


One Response to “About DJ Vince Adams”

  1. Hi, Vince! This is Sandra, Cathy Hughey’s friend. Firstly, again, happy birthday. Last nights party was great and we need to see those performers again! Secondly, Cathy sent this to me this morning in a response to a conversation we were having. She was right, it really helped in putting some things in perspective. So, compliments on the writing and the thought. And, thanks.

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